Your Fellow Traveler and Spiritual Guide

I am David Hamilton Nichols.

As a spiritual teacher, author, and healer, I have been blessed to offer my services since 2006.

As a channel for the Light, I embody what is already in us all. Thus, I offer spiritual guidance for your development and transformation. Also, as a gifted psychic and medium, I help connect the pieces of life for understanding wholeness, in this world and beyond. A metaphysician and philosopher, I facilitate change with energy as well as with wisdom.

During my public events and private sessions, you can find peace and presence through spiritual meditation and counsel. The light and information together are the catalyst for growth and change.

Give yourself the gift of presence, and claim your full empowerment:

  • Attend a live in-person event or workshop to learn from the light and experience the energy
  • Get personal and explore the depths of your transformation with a private session

This is Now. Why live in the past? Why live in the future? You can live your aliveness today!

  • Read spiritual Content as a source of inspiration.
  • Check the Calendar for transformational opportunities.
  • Contact me to help actualize your potential.
Photography: Robert Gray

Thank you for your openness to the possibilities.
Be the Light: Ignite Your Divine Fire

David Hamilton Nichols: Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer

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