Divine Blaze® LLC is the vehicle for dissemination of, interaction with, and integration into the Light by Spiritual Teachings, Transformative Writings, and Healing Energies as expressed through David Hamilton Nichols.

David Hamilton Nichols is a spiritual teacher, author, and healer.

David has been publicly presenting spiritual events since 2010. David works with individuals also. His events range from the San Francisco Bay Area to Orange County in California and to Kauai (where one of them was hosted by international spiritual teacher Mirabai Devi).

David has given an energy workshop at a hospital and has presented at a symposium on death and dying. He has also been a speaker at many expos, including the 2017 Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo and the 2017 New Living Expo, where he was a surprise presenter.

David has studied with various Spiritualists and under different Traditions, practiced with multiple Healers and Energy Workers, and has been a spokesperson and embodiment of the Light and of many Spiritual Beings and Masters, both in this world and on the higher and inner planes.

David’s mission is to bear Divine Wisdom and Energy through Spiritual Communication and Light Transmission.

Divine Blaze® LLC is the effective vehicle for the manifestation of these and other ends and their expansion.

A Little More About David

David does not necessarily use every one of the following trainings and skills in his current practice. He draws much of what he does from his own spiritual evolution and from the guidance of Higher Consciousness. David’s work can be both spontaneous and systematic.

Photography: Robert Gray


Studied at International Academy of Consciousness, Consciousness Development Program, Modules 1-4

Studied at Clearsight, Clairvoyant Training Program

Studied Mediumship with several Spiritualists

Successfully attended the Energy Healing Development Workshop, parts 1-3, Healing in America


Certified Clinical Hypnotist, International Therapy Training Organization

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master

Karuna® Reiki Master


David is involved in the family business of ranching and real estate. He is an Eagle Scout from during his youth in Boy Scouts of America. He enjoys classical music, among other periods, particularly from the Romantic and Impressionist eras, as well as various chants, including Gregorian. He resides in Ventura County with his three pet goats Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.

Actually, this is not merely about David Hamilton Nichols, but about you. Yet, nor is it about us or even not about us.

Yes, beyond all these reflections of light, all is about That About Which nothing can be known, the One Who knows all as Itself as the All, for this is the Ultimate Reality. This is about everything and nothing, for I AM THAT I AM is the IS-ness of IS.


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