Rave Reviews for the Spiritual Work of David Hamilton Nichols

David has had many people enjoy his public events, private intensives, and personal sessions. Often they say that they have received profound wisdom and healing. Please see some of the wonderful things that have been said about David and his work.

Letter from Reverend Pamella Geagan of Center for Spiritual Living Pleasant Valley in Camarillo, California

March 18, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been in the presence of David Hamilton Nichols (Divine Blaze®), in both his workshops and one on one personal consultations.  In both situations, David has brought forth inspiration and revealing information, from the deepest of the deep.  From channeled ancient wisdom to offering tools for dealing with today’s joys and challenges, his wisdom reveals new ways of awakening to and utilizing your greatest gifts.

His revelations include global and universal Truths, that apply in all areas of your life and all lives.  He brings powerful energy at his presentations, that leaves a strong impact.

My recommendation for anyone considering inviting David to facilitate a workshop at your organization, or those desiring personal readings, is to invite him.  It will be a delightful, inspirational, revealing more of who you are, event.


Rev. Pamella Geagan
Senior Minister
Center for Spiritual Living, Pleasant Valley
Camarillo, California

Letter from Reverend Doctor Patrick J. Harbula, Thousand Oaks, California

February 9, 2017

“I was quite impressed with David’s presentation. Messages from Arc Angels, Mother Mary, and the Christ. He is upfront that his contact with these beings is something that everyone has access to. The messages are empowering: mystical and practical at the same time. Very similar to Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham and most specifically about oneness. I highly recommend David’s presentation for any audience that is seeking to embody greater levels of light, love, and spiritual living!”

Rev. Dr. Patrick J. Harbula, author of “The Magic of the Soul: Applying Spiritual Power to Daily Living”
Staff Minister at Center for Spiritual Living Simi Valley

Letter from Andrea Ricketts, RN, MSN, PHN, CDE, ACNP-BC, Ventura, California

November 30, 2016

I have known David for almost a decade and met him in an energy reiki master class in Ventura. At that time, I felt a genuine caring joyful energy from David and we have remained in contact throughout the years being connected to the spiritual source from God. David has a gift as we all do but David is aware on how to enhance his gift and use the ability to help others not only with energy connection sources. David connects to the other side and asks Angels such as Angel Raphael (who is the angel of healing) questions to help the person in need. I have been in the medical field for 40 years and as a bedside critical care nurse for 20 years in which I have heard many of patients true personalized stories/events as they are entering the near death experience sharing the words from the deceased loved ones or Angels. I am a firm believer in allowing the Eastern holistic and western medicine together to blend to balance out a persons need or request to heal. Thus, I support David in sharing his wisdom and divine intervention guidance to others in need.

Andrea Ricketts, RN, MSN, PHN, CDE, ACNP-BC
Ventura, California

Letter from Marva Greenleaf, Lancaster, California

November 17, 2016

Be the Light! I experienced David Nichols’ channeling of Wisdom and Light and received a profound gift of expanded awareness and reassurance we are, indeed, lifted beyond beyond by, and, eternally supported with Divine Guidance. Activated by the Sacred YES! I am radiant Faith, boldly confident, spiritually liberated and eternally grateful to you, David Nichols, for your courageous willingness. Wisdom from the heart… ❤2 ❤ Marva Greenleaf

Marva Greenleaf
Lancaster, California

Letter from Reverend Grace Lovejoy, Camarillo, California

October 13, 2016

To Whom It May Concern;

Let me introduce David Hamilton Nichols to you. He uses a talent he says we all have to allow Spirit to speak through him and to answer questions. He is not a fortune teller but a voice from a high place that speaks to the issues of the day. He also answers questions from the audience from that high place.

He came as a fundraiser to the Center here in Camarillo and was very helpful in that capacity. He has his own following and sent emails to his lists in addition to what we did to bring participants into the audience. He is very active in making sure the word of his appearance gets out.

I can recommend David’s appearance as a fundraising event and tell you his activity in the process is an asset to assuring the word gets out.

I offer this quote from me regarding David:

“David’s ability to “transmit” information from high spiritual entities gives an informative and entertaining performance.”

Contact me if you have questions.


Rev. Grace Lovejoy

Rev. Grace Lovejoy
Spiritual Director
Camarillo Center for Spiritual Living
Camarillo, California

Letter from Blandine Legrand, Santa Barbara, California

September 24, 2016

I had a reading from David on Oct. 18 2015

It was the 1st one in my life.

He was right on target.

  1. About my husband – deceased – described his build – type of clothing he wore – personality – he (David) made gestures like he was playing (music) banjo – Richard was a banjo player. Also touches his heart and asks if Richard had a heart condition. I said yes. David said he sees Richard extending his hand to me – smiling and says he’s waiting for me. At this point, I told David to tell him he can keep on waiting. I’m not ready to go yet.
  2. Describes my 2 daughters to a “T” and talks about my son-in-law’s illness….
  3. Also described the house and surroundings of son-in-law and daughter
  4. Described the personalities of my grandsons
  5. Told me not to be so dependent on my daughter.

Blandine Legrand
Santa Barbara, CA

Letter from Dru O’Brien, Los Angeles, California

July 17, 2016

David is a very gifted reader. Right from the beginning he got to the source of what was going on in my life. His compassionate and skilled guidance were very helpful to me. My reading has helped me to take the next step on my life path. I would definitely recommend having a reading with David. I can’t say enough good things about the experience. I am very grateful for his counsel on this life journey.

Dru O’Brien
Los Angeles, California

Letter from Kathryn Zyhailo, Ventura, California

June 26, 2016

David is a remarkable reader. He gave me the gift of clarity at a time when things seemed so confusing. He works from a space of non judgment and that made me feel very comfortable in discussing whatever was coming up for me at that time. I would highly recommend David if you are considering a reading or need guidance.

Kathryn Zyhailo
Ventura, California

Letter from Hridaya Maling, Santa Barbara, California

May 11, 2016

Normally I don’t see angels, but I do feel their presence when they come into a physical space. I had this experience the first time I was in a room while David Hamilton Nichols channeled the divine beings he works with.

Now I go to hear David channel publicly whenever I can, primarily to be in the presence of the sacred energies he brings through. On one such evening in Ojai, an archangel — I believe it was Michael — invited us to call on the archangels, saying they cannot interfere with humanity but they can help us by responding to our calls. I’d heard this before, but this time it reached me at a different level.

I serve as a spiritual healer in my church, and I thought about the people who come for healing. “It can’t hurt to ask,” I thought. So the next Sunday before our healing service began, I included Archangel Raphael, the archangel of healing, in my prayer that spirit healers work through me. As I placed my hands on the first person, I felt a huge new, powerful, yet now familiar presence behind me and felt surrounded by an energy field that was exquisite and loving. The energy that came though my hands was hotter than usual and felt more powerful and uniform to me. This continued throughout the healing service. Later I got feedback that several people had seen a great light around me.

Now I always call on Raphael, and I usually feel him answer my request by using me to heal others. I, too, feel loved and nurtured by the healing energy he sends through me. On the rare days I don’t feel him there, the healing energy is still stronger than before I invited him. I’m honored to be able to work with him and glad I took a chance and asked.

I believe this blessing is available to any healer, especially once you have been in the presence of Raphael. If you do hands-on healing, I encourage you to treat yourself to one of David’s evenings and connect with Archangel Raphael.

Hridaya Maling
Santa Barbara, California

Letter from Ray Boggio, Laguna Woods, California

February 3, 2016

I met David in one of my classes that explores the Tarot from an Ancient Wisdom perspective.  I found his insights quite brilliant and profound.  I asked him about his metaphysical training and background, and went on to find out that he derives many of his insights from his work.

I tend not to be a believer of most people that channel entities.  At best, I believe that we have moved beyond channeling.  However, I did attend one of David’s events and was impressed.  I particularly found very powerful the part of the event in which David transmitted Light Energy.

I personally believe he truly enters into a deep communion with very powerful ascended entities, archangelic potencies and multi-dimensional levels of existence.  I highly recommend his events.

His insights move beyond most of our concepts of life, time and space and interpret the eternal.

Ray Boggio
Laguna Woods, California

Letter from Reverend Maryum Morse of Center of the Heart in Santa Barbara, California

[Second testimonial from Reverend Maryum Morse of Center of the Heart in Santa Barbara, California. First testimonial listed below as Reverend Maryum Morse of Center of the Heart in Santa Barbara, California, June 2013.]

January 28, 2016

Dear David,

Thank you for bringing your heartfelt energy to us at our Center for Spiritual Living with your events. Since my letter for you in June 2013 after your first time here, I have had the chance to enjoy more of your presentations. I want to give you an updated recommendation after your half dozen times here.

I am always impressed with the teachings and wisdom coming through as you work with the archangels and other spiritual energies. Christ Consciousness is present. I continue to take plenty of notes. I feel a healing energy at your events and it is a mystical experience. Once again, you are right up there with the Abraham-Hicks teachings.

I love the opportunity to ask questions and receive valuable information that pertains to the entire group. I also appreciate how your work has evolved with energy transmissions and meditative experiences, too.

The powerful energy has touched and transformed our congregants, along with the spiritual teachings. It is great how you help people realize their own personal spiritual connection and tap into their own power and wisdom.

Many of our congregants who participate look forward to your events and love spending time with you there. I also appreciate how other participants who come are not members of our Center. I always enjoy new people coming in to our Center to see what we have to offer.

It is a pleasure having you at our Center. This is profound and important work for people to experience. I always look forward to working together again.


Rev. Maryum Morse
Senior Minister
Center of the Heart
Santa Barbara, California

Letter from Reverend Marilyn Miller of Center for Spiritual Living Ojai in Ojai, California

January 28, 2016

David Hamilton Nichols is an inspiring young man who brings forth articulate and insightful messages from the other side.  Each voice he presents is powerful and distinct. I heard him the night he delivered messages from angels Raphael, Gabriel and Mother Mary .

David modulates the energy needed to accomplish such transmissions with ease. And he answers difficult questions from the audience with grace and humor.  I so appreciate David’s willingness to use his gifts to educate, enlighten and benefit audiences.

It’s one thing to read about Archangels; it’s another thing to have them speak to you.

Rev. Marilyn Miller, Spiritual Director
Center for Spiritual Living, Ojai
Author, America’s Holidays & Heroes
Ojai, Cailfornia

Letter from Robyn Smith, RN, BSN, CEN

December 28, 2015

I met David Hamilton Nichols at a workshop given by medical intuitive Dr. Judith Orloff, M.D. on energy and intuition. As a registered nurse, I am firmly grounded in science. That being said, I have encountered many situations that modern science cannot yet explain. This has piqued my curiosity regarding healing energy and its role in the medical field.

Upon meeting David, I was surprised to find that not only was he a self proclaimed psychic and medium, but also a channeler of energy. This sounded like a whole lot of woo woo mumbo jumbo nonsense to me. Channeling energy? Light transmission? Divine wisdom? Archangels? It sounded like a fantastic spectacle that would land most of us on an involuntary psychiatric hold. I attended his Channeling the Light of Divine Wisdom and Energy event skeptical of his claims.

I will not spoil the fun of what transpired, other than to say it was a fantastic experience! There are many ways of healing and helping others, and for those in the healing profession this event is worth attending. You may glean something valuable to aid in your helping and healing or add some tools to your toolbox for the challenges you encounter. Regardless of your profession or personal beliefs, David shares positivity and the importance of balance in our lives and in the world. I believe that we all can personally benefit from more positivity and balance in our lives. An opportunity to experience this, even for a few hours, is time well spent. I highly recommend this event!

~Robyn Smith, RN, BSN, CEN

Letter from Josie (Posie) Keys, Santa Monica, California

November 5, 2015

David Hamilton Nichols is a very clear channel and transmits an incredibly strong healing energy. I have received healings from him twice now and each time the synergy of profound words and the deep space held is quite remarkable. My life turned a corner after each one. No issue is too complex for him and his guides!

Josie (Posie) Keys
Santa Monica, California

Letter from Doug Ellis, Santa Barbara, California

September 1, 2015

I was completely beyond space and time and took several hours to integrate and ground the high vibrations that David brought forth in his group session in Santa Barbara. He accesses and shares expanded dimensions, beings, and messages with such a playful and self-effacing light touch that my heart and mind were able to fully open to receive a powerful blast of truth without feeling frightened or threatened in any way.

Doug Ellis
Santa Barbara, California

Letter from Roger Ford, Executive Director, Healing in America School of Energy and Medicine

August 11, 2015

We have hosted some of David’s events and consequently I have attended two of his channeling “The Light of Divine Wisdom & Energy.

David is a very conscientious channel of the archangelic frequencies and his sincerity and ability to “connect” to different entities is in no doubt. He brings a different perspective than many other people I have witnessed and brings depth and humor into his transmissions.

His evenings bring comfort, messages of hope and healing.

Roger Ford
Executive Director, Healing in America School of Energy Medicine

Letter from Carole K

July 18, 2015

During my session with David, a profound sense of pure divine love filled my body and heart…I haven’t experienced this sense of calmness and knowingness while being filled with a sense of Divine love. I am grateful that I listened to my guides to have a session with David.

– Carole K

Letter from Douglas Howard, RScP, Santa Barbara, California

June 2015

Dear David: Though I have heard your public presentations on several occasions previously, this past weekend was my first opportunity to have you do a personal reading for me. I don’t generally seek out this kind of assistance, as it is often difficult to find those who really have the “gift” and I have learned to teach myself to develop my own intuitive guidance. However, the opportunity presented itself at the event being held at Center of the Heart, Santa Barbara’s Center for Spiritual Living and I decided to take advantage of it. As I discussed with you after our session, I was impressed by your sensitivity and accuracy on a number of impressions you had and shared with me. For those who may read this testimonial, I can say that I deliberately gave you little if any personal information. I wanted to see really, how good are you with this kind of thing? Without using any material aids, such as cards, you were rather perceptive and authentic. You really were confirming things I was already suspecting on my own, but which you could not have known since I never discussed those things with you at anytime prior to our session. I have had the rare opportunity, maybe twice in four decades, of meeting a “real” intuitive reader. They are difficult to find, though many persons present themselves as such. I sense you have the gift, that it is still developing further and additionally in speaking with you, you have the integrity to utilize this gift honorably, and that is as important as the gift itself. May you continue to grow in your ability to help guide and empower others along their path to a fulfilled life.

Douglas Howard, RScP
Santa Barbara, CA
June 2015

Letter from Dr. Gwendolyn McClure, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

June 3, 2015

I came to hear about David’s work through seeing his posts on a mutual friend’s FB page. By profession I am a Vocal Vibrational Healer so I literally could SEE and FEEL the energy coming off of David from the image he had posted of himself at one of his recent “channeling” events. I remarked on his post, we became FB friends, and the next opportunity I had to come to Santa Barbara from AZ to work and take one of his workshops I did so. David allowed the energy and consciousness of 3 Angels, Mother Mary, and Jesus/Christ Force to come through him in that order during the event. We were encouraged to ask questions. I recently had TWO friends who were EXQUISITE healers pass to the other side and was in a grieving state. I asked about them. During the time Jesus was coming through, one of my healer friends who is a chiropractor came through to me and asked me to lie down which I did. Then the other healer friend came to me and it was very deep and special for me!! I loved the different voices of the energies that came through, and I especially liked Mother Mary and the Christ Force, the latter which took us deeper and deeper into PURE LIGHT, like waves and waves of light infusing all of us…so much so I felt I had to sleep/pass out to absorb it all and bypass my conscious mind.

David gave people ample time to communicate, ask questions, and is genuinely interested in the well-being of his audience. I recommend his workshop/presentation

– Dr. Gwendolyn McClure
Lake Havasu City AZ

Letter from Stephanie Ann, Los Angeles, California

March 29, 2015

An Angel Sent To Me At A Dark Moment

I was going through a rough time but had a lot of help and support (human and Divine sources), so I was actually feeling pretty good, despite my rough situation. Then there was this bad day, it felt like a really dark spot, I was in a dark space and somehow was really stuck in it.

I was still working on getting out of that dark spot on my own and in communication with the Divine, when I received a Facebook message from David. Out of that initial message unfolded his offer to send some energy my way – which turned into a phone “conversation”. Now I put conversation in quotation marks because we only talked back and forth in the beginning and in the end of this phone call and in between it was often rather silent on the phone line but extremely active on the Divine line.

David channeled and sent energy my way – and it arrived. I could feel it, experience it and utilize it. It enabled me to get back out of that dark space I was in. It lightened up my thoughts and perception again and I could feel joy anew. He also made sure I was really receiving what I was “supposed” to be receiving by asking me what I was experiencing and then if needed, sending me more or stronger or more concentrated energy.

So my mood was back in a safe place again and I was feeling content with my situation. Still David had more to offer – he had “seen” a few things during our phone “conversation” and was telling me of these random things. These “random things” though, just happened to be everything that had to do with my grandmother – a place where long ago I would escape from the rough world and find peace in her living surroundings. This was another very helpful message, to be reminded of – the ability to feel at peace and feel the peace within myself, even through rough times.

I am so amazed at what happened that evening on the phone with David. The unquestionable energy he sent my way and the messages he had for me through his visions.

Thank you so much, David, for being that angel on that dark evening I had!

– Stephanie Ann
Los Angeles, California

Letter from Lynn Wolfe, Ventura County, California

December 2014

I have had the pleasure of attending David’s channeling sessions many times and basking in the heightened frequency of the angels that he brings in. David provides a very unique and special channeling experience. He has the ability to allow the personalities and voice changes of each being he brings through. The messages are insightful and practical with helpful information that can easily be applied. I have shared many joyful conversations with the angels and delightfully find them full of humor, wisdom and love. When last in attendance with David, I found the frequency elevating and in my own clairvoyant experience saw flashes of blue light as some of the beings brought forth their presence. I appreciate David’s authenticity as a channel and am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience him.

Lynn Wolfe
Ventura County, California

Letter from Lucinda Rae, Ojai, California

[Second testimonial from Lucinda Rae, Ojai, California, December 17, 2014. First testimonial listed below as Lucinda Rae Kinch, Gaviota Area, California, October 13, 2013.]

December 17, 2014

David Hamilton Nichols was one of my first exposures to Messages from the Masters in the form of Archangelic frequencies and the Christ Consciousness. After almost 20 years of exploring different spiritual paths and teachings, I’ve know there is a lot out there being taught or pontificated that hasn’t resonated for me. So the first live event of David’s I attended, I would listen with a skeptical ear. Instead of finding something that was not adjacent to my inner truth, I found reflective, resonant, and refreshing spiritual teachings and was pleasantly surprised to feel in alignment with the Light and Divine Intelligence that streams through David.

The teachings have been able to applied to my practical human evolution, as well as profoundly healing energy that has advanced me and my growth in life in unimaginable ways.

There have been experiences I had with the energy that David brings through that was filled with so much Light that I felt like I’d merge with it, and suddenly ascend to become illuminated on the spot! Something about it has sort of changed my make-up and ways of being, as you can’t “un-ring the bell” after you’ve tasted divinity in specific ways. I was taken aback, in all the very best ways, by the sheer power of the energy.

David’s messages and the divine connection I feel through him has opened a whole new level of spiritual communication and exchange with the unseen realms of love and light and activated me on my spiritual path in continuing, new ways.

It was such a blessing to receive a few private sessions with David in which the Light was as, or more, intense of some of my deepest, longest meditations where I could feel the Divine entering through the crown of my head, merging with my heart, in a blinding blazing brightness…

Thank you, David, for the profound peace, divine wisdom, and messages of the Light for this world! You are such a gift.

Lucinda Rae
Ojai, California

Letter from Curtis and Noa Christian

December 29, 2013

Dear David,

As promised, I am providing an “up to the minute” testimonial to the ongoing benefits of having attended your channeling session in early November.

I was introduced to angelic beings during a crisis in 1992 and was privileged to witness and to experience results and outcomes through angelic intervention.

At the time of meeting you, it was my strong desire to 1) re-engage with angelic awareness and ways to re-invite angelic participation in my daily life and 2) to assist my husband in his own discovery of the magic of angelic companionship in his affairs.

At the time we attended your channeling session on November 3rd of this year, I again was navigating some issues that resulted in physical challenges including increased allergies and food sensitivities that were surfacing suddenly and were creating chaos and posing a daily threat to all of my activities, work and overall quality of life.

During your channeling, I had an opportunity to re-visit common and familiar themes that I had once embraced like, finding and remaining in a joyful state through activities such as singing and dancing, going within to seek self affirming counsel from the “I AM” presence on all matters, being aware of coincidences and signs that we are being guided and accompanied by angels, etc.

I am delighted to report that my husband and I have engaged in a daily morning practice of reading Our Angels and Our Mysteries by Miriam Baker which is a collection of Adono channeling through the author and offering insight on common topics.

My health challenges have all but disappeared and many of the allergies that were accelerating have disappeared altogether.

We are also finding ourselves on a new creative path of writing music and singing together which seems to be taking shape with a velocity that is a great example of divine intervention.

I believe that the improvements and new activities that we are enjoying are a direct result of your channeling followed by our conscious commitment to seeking and studying angelic wisdom, guidance and assistance as a daily practice.

Please feel free to publish this testimonial to your website and you may use my name.

We so look forward to your session in February at The Center of the Heart.

Blessings to you and thank you for placing yourself in this most important service.

Curtis and Noa Christian

Letter from LeRoy Burla, Former Owner of Heart of Light Metaphysical and Holistic Store in Ojai, California

October 13, 2013

David is a very gifted channeler of transformational healing energies.

He has the ability to telepathically transmit high spiritual energies & wisdom to help heal past traumas in the body, mind and spirit.

I feel much lighter & freer after my experience with David’s channeling.

Very much worth the time & energy to experience his transformational healing energies & wisdom.

I’ve experienced many channelers in the past. David’s ability is outstanding.

LeRoy Burla
Former Owner of Heart of Light Metaphysical & Holistic Store in Ojai, California

Letter from Lucinda Rae Kinch, Gaviota Area, California

October 12, 2013

Although I have not yet seen him channel live publicly, I’ve had the pleasure to witness David bringing through distinctive divine essences in various channelings. I was very touched by the profound transmissions of immense light, deep love and peaceful power that he brought through in these experiences. I could feel the Infinite Light piercing through me as David held the presence of higher consciousness! This sacred omnipotence actually took my breath away when I was lucky enough to hold direct eye contact while he was channeling. It was like no other energy I’ve experienced and it has stayed with me ever since! I’ve actually developed a new and meaningful relationship with the archangels since my experiences with David’s channeled works and it has opened a whole new level of divine communication up for me. His words sparkle with diamond clarity, are ripe with deep wisdom, and expand way beyond a man of his years. I am so grateful and would highly recommend folks to attend or listen to one of David’s channeled works. He is truly a blessing and gift, shining New Light upon this world!

Lucinda Rae Kinch
Gaviota Area, California

Letter from Reverend Maryum Morse of Center of the Heart in Santa Barbara, California

June 2013

Dear David,

Thank you for bringing your heartfelt energy as you channeled at our Center. I wrote several pages of notes as I was impressed with the spiritual teachings coming through guides and the angels. During the channeling I felt a healing energy and it was mystical. I feel you are right up there with the Abraham-Hicks teachings.

I enjoyed having the opportunity to ask questions and receive valuable information that pertained to the entire group. I would like to have you channel on a regular basis as I feel this is profound and important work for people to experience.

I know that our congregants who participated in your channeling loved spending the afternoon with you. I also appreciated that there were other participants who came that are not members of our Center. I always enjoy new people coming in to our Center to see what we have to offer.

It was a pleasure having you at our Center. I look forward to working together again.


Rev. Maryum Morse
Senior Minister
Center of the Heart
Santa Barbara, California

Letter from Evelyne Chezum, Carpinteria, California†

May 12, 2013

Dearest David!

Hello! Thank you so very much for inviting me to your recent channeling event! AWESOME!

I took notes as fast as my pen could write + I walked away with 7 sheets front + back of information that I hopefully can use for not only my own direct growth, but for some others … .

* How wonderful it was to be able to verbally acknowledge + express my gratitude to the angels that I call upon + ask for guidance (on almost a 2 – 3x a day basis for what seems to be beyond my control — so I ask them to take it!) & to guide me in the highest + best for ALL. …

Again, MOST APPRECIATIVELY YOURS, with deepest gratitude!

Light, Love, + Blessings!


Evelyne Chezum
Carpinteria, California†

† This letter is abridged to remove certain information personal to the author.

Letter from Robert Friedman, Ventura, California

May 18, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known David Nichols all his life. He has helped me in many ways, especially spiritually. Although our paths are different (I am a Jew and he is a gentile) and although he is many years younger, I have grown in my own faith and I am a better person for knowing him. This is partly because of his many skills, perhaps especially his channeling.

I have seen David channel various entities. Also I have read and have had read to me transcripts of material channeled through him, both in writing and orally. The content is of a high level, and it strikes me as spiritual teachings, timeless wisdom, and just plain good sense. When I have seen him channel orally, I have heard his voice change so that it is different from his. I find most noteworthy the deep and profound truth of the work.

Also, recently through mediumship, David has helped me recognize that life extends beyond our physical death. Several times, he has brought through several of my deceased relatives. These are my father, my mother, and my two sisters. I know that these are my family because of information given that David had no way of knowing. Some of this information goes back over 80 years to before my father passed away. In addition to these details, I know from the tone of the messages that these spirits really are the people I knew and loved, and still love.‡

More than once, David has laid his hands on me or just over my body to do energy healing. One time for example, I was suffering from a severe case of allergies. He placed his hands behind my head and in front of my forehead and nose. After a few minutes, I did not cough with phlegm or blow my nose again for around four hours. This may seem like nothing, but for someone who at the time always had to have a handkerchief in hand, it was a small miracle!

I am now 91 and have been comforted in my old age through the spiritual guidance David has given me. As I now prepare to make the final journey, as we all must do, I face my future unafraid. This is at least partly because of having seen and heard all that I have through knowing this remarkable young man.

I have watched the progress in all these things, and it is truly extraordinary. Had it not been for the channeling and other skills David has, I might not have believed that such things are possible. I have been fortunate to understand by experience that these phenomena do exist. I consider myself better for it. I hope that this will also be true for the reader of this!


Robert Friedman
Ventura, California

‡ NOTE: This form of mediumship is generally not what occurs during the live channeling events, and it was not done in a trance state.

What is more wonderful than being praised? Surely, it is praising the Divine Source of all life Itself!

Now that you have read the testimonials and praise for David Hamilton Nichols, please remember how this work is not about him, but about the Divine Itself. God is the Power that pervades all with the Presence of Love that creates all wonders. So, glory be to Divinity first, but also remember that God is in you as well!

The least of all are called by the Greatest of All so that the Glory of God might be made manifest through them. Great and small, all-in-all, God and the soul are to be at one.

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