Watch and Listen to Divine Blaze Spiritual Teachings: Transform Yourself Through Your Greatest Teacher – Your Own Spirit!

Here you will find video and audio transmissions to inform and energize your path to the Enlightenment of the Light already in you. Enjoy yourself!

You also can go directly to the Divine Blaze YouTube Channel.

All the World Plays Upon the Screen of the Senses Before the Watcher and Listener of All

May those who have eyes to see, see. May those who have ears to hear, hear. Most importantly, open your mind and heart for the visions and voices of your soul to instruct you!

Go still and small for a glimmer and a whisper. The teachings of the Spirit come from the spaces in between. The break of day and the gust of wind arise from a twinkle and a breath in the Eye and the Mouth of God. Lo and behold, hark and heed, the wisdom of old is new in you indeed. God is in God’s Holy Temple.

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