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As a writer, David Hamilton Nichols writes in multiple styles and forms, ranging from poetry to prose and all things in between. At times, he will sit down and begin to write, with the words just flying onto the page. Many of his writings are spiritual and mystical.


David writes essays on many topics, especially spiritual. These writings are often inspired or channeled through him, drawing not only on his own experiences and knowledge, but the Higher Consciousness Itself.

Channeled Words of the Archangel Gabriel

Divine Transmission of the Christ Consciousness


David is a talented poet. His poetry often has an otherworldly and ethereal quality. The works which he is inspired to write become a source of inspiration to those who read them.

The Spiritual Path

There are many paths in the Universal Spiritual Journey. Some travelers have already walked more than one. You can explore a new world vision through David’s words.

Please feel free to look forward to many journeys here with David, but remember how the pilgrimage begins with a single step. The magic of this moment and the sacredness of this space call humanity to be present on the path, even when seeking positive progress.

The Moving Spirit Writes Upon the Tablets of the Soul

Read the words being inscribed upon the page, but understand what truth is written already between the lines. Search the deep library of the soul’s knowledge, and know that the Unknowable and Infinite Profundity is in the spaces in between.

So let it be written. So let it be done. As it was and as it shall be, so it is.

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