Beginning life’s pilgrimage, you walk an outward journey of the inward path … and, from darkness, the light leads you forward as your restlessness pushes you onward, for the light is with you on the way.
000035704818_DoubleA highway in the wilderness is prepared for your ascent … and you walk it only because the soul has paved your way with its prior descending steps.
000000867595_LargeThe entry into the cloud of unknowing is perilously steep and narrow … and the only way upward unto the light is inward into the darkness.
000015114628_XXXLargeThe light bursts through the dark clouds as the rainbow bridge of promise … and your double recognition of its power opens the single vista of higher worlds and inner planes.
Returning, the holy traveler realizes home in the mystical sojourn of presence … and, turning again with eternal light, you are the Way of Light from before the beginning to beyond worlds without end.
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